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Exercise Rehabilitation:

Exercise Rehabilitation is a very important part of any treatment protocol following an accident or injury.  It is used to strengthen and stabilize injuries.  After the initial acute phase of care, the patient is moved into a more active treatment protocol of exercise rehabilitation. 

Exercises are specifically chosen based upon muscle weaknesses, determined by a muscle testing evaluation.  There is no guessing here.  Rehab exercises are necessary to obtain a balance of strength, at  a specific level of the spine &/or an extremity joint(s). 

Imbalance of muscle strength will destabilize a joint and lead to chronic pain and reinjury.  By building up the strength of weakened muscles, and finding an equilibrium with the already strong muscles, the spinal or extremity joint has relatively equal stresses.  In lay man's terms, "the tug of war is a standoff."  The joints are stabilized and then a patient can reinitiate his preferred exercises of choice, without risk of reinjury.