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Acupuncture is a pain management tool for all ages.  It surprisingly is not painful even though very small needles pierce the skin.  Acupuncture is used for a variety of pain patterns including radiating pain into an extremity, local neck or back pain, extremity joint pain, tendonitis and for headaches.  Dr Klonel also uses it for chronic sinus conditions.

Western Philosophy explains acupuncture as the application of needles to stimulate endorphin and enkephalin release by the brain into the blood stream, ( like runners high), to block pain.  The effect is very pleasant and likened to the effect of alcoholic beverages.

The Eastern Philosophy of acupuncture divides the body into rivers of energy, the meridians.  Their flow throughout the body also know as the Chi , is effected with acupuncture by either stimulating that meridian or sedating the flow of its Chi energy.

Overall, Acupuncture is a very effective form of pain management that can be used to manage injuries, chronic pain and acute areas of inflammation.  Dr Klonel has been utilizing Acupuncture for over 18 years in his practice in Altamonte Springs.